Thank YOU!!

Thank you to everyone who came out for the Portland Autism Donation Class! It was a blast.

If you missed it no worries. Classes are every week at Moxie Studio Portland on 9th and Alberta Friday’s at 5:15pm


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Zumba Class at Moxie Studio Alberta St PDX

Yay! Back at it again. Starting new classes and the first one all the proceeds are going to an Autism Organization for April Autism Awareness Month.

Starting it off on April 25th

When: EVERY FRIDAY @ 5:15pm -6:15pm

Where: Moxie Studio (5010 NE Alberta Street cross street 9th) Entrance is on 9th around back up the stairs and on the left.

Price: Donate what you can

HOW: Reserve a spot at click the sign up button. $5 reserves your spot for this class.


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Zumba with Jessa at Genesis Dance Studio November 3rd


I have some exciting news! I am going to be in SF the weekend of November 2 and 3rd and I am teaching a Zumba Class that Sunday morning at Genesis Dance Studio!!!

I would love, love, love to see you all again and reunite for a really fun and fantastic Zumba Class.

Here is a link to the Dance Studio. Pretty fancy place!

The class will be at 10:00 am and will go for 1 hour. I will have some new fun songs in the line up. If you want to stay connected I am posting Zumba songs on Youtube these days. To learn and find new posts like my subscription


When: Sunday November 3rd 10am

Why: Because it has been too long and I love you guys

What:1 hour of fantastic fun Zumba Fitness Partay :) with Jessa!

If you would like to sign up ahead of time and purchase a class I have it set up on Just click the Zumba in SF price option. Or, you can bring cash to the studio the day of while you check in.

Can’t wait to see you all!

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Zumba Fitness Marioneta

Here is the latest video and new song from Zumba Fitness called Marioneta…okay since July but here it is anyway. I am surprised they actually don’t sell the headphones in the store. That would be great marketing for buying their music. Am I wrong?



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Zumba Warm Up at Color Race Portland!

Hi All!

Exciting news! I am teaching at the Color Race Saturday 9/7 at the Portland International Raceway! Come join over 10,000 participants in this fun family event. Party after to follow. Warm up starts at 8:15am on the Main Stage.

If you are looking for a class of mine to join go to and sign up for a Zumba Class with yours truly! Or you can email at or Both go to me!

1st Class is ONLY $5

Really excited! Look out for pictures to come!


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Lil Jon – Work song for Zumba®

Alright this is awesome! Zumba® is now leading the way for artists making popular music not only for Zumba® classes but for everyone to buy! The name is called “Work” by Lil Jon. Watch the behind the scenes and then watch a video that I think rocks for the choreography! I will definitely be using this song!

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Party in PINK, Beto & Fanny, Milan, Italy 2012

Inspiring! This little girl rocks! Beto brings the center of attention to her, while all the ladies in the back want to push forward. Something that I have always admired about Beto. Performing “Crazy Love” by Mara.

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Hitched and Moving to Portland

If you haven’t heard the news Gregory and I got hitched! I am posting this so that you may share in our little civil ceremony of what we did last week on 1/31/13.

Sadly, I will be moving to Portland and my classes will no longer be happening in SF. The great thing is that they will still be happening in Portland. We purchased a place where I can teach out of the space and around town. SF is lovely but out of our price range to make our dreams happen.

I will miss all of you who have made my teaching journey such a pleasure and honor. I want to leave you all with the hope that this isn’t the end, but a new beginning and continuation for us all in our lives and health. I hope that you continue to stay positive and strive for finding people that motivate you and push you to be the best person you can be.

Please feel free to register to my blog and follow me on Facebook under the ZumbawithJessa Page.  If you are up there at any time please drop a line. I would love to stay connected.

I would love to see your smiling faces in my classes before I leave. My last class is on Sunday, February 24th. I hope to see you all before then. If your are unable to make it I wish you well.

 With Zumba Love,




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Final February Zumba Classes with Jessa

This Month is Final February! Last Month of Zumba classes with Jessa in San Francisco.

We will be honoring your class cards (unless they were through lifebooker). So if you have classes left on your pack you have 3 weeks to use them up before moving. Even if you didn’t purchase a 5 class card we would love to see your faces one last time.

This month classes will be every Friday at 6:30pm and Sunday morning at 10am, with the last official class being on Sunday February 24th!!

We both want to say how much we love your enthusiasm and continuous love for Zumba and for being such awesome people. We have had the wonderful pleasure of getting to know a lot of you, and you will be truly missed. You have made our lives that much richer and we truly appreciate all of you.


Thank You!!!

See you in ZUMBA!

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Zumba® Music Playlist!

I have covered a lot of different songs in my playlist and some of my longer running students have favorites that they haven’t heard in a while. I am also getting requests on what the names of the songs are. I was thinking, “Wouldn’t it be fun to list all the songs I have done and create a class with a variety voted?” So here is the list I broke them down by category with the artist who sings it or is covered by ZF (Zumba Fitness).

In the comment box you can list the top 10 of your choice!

OMG-just counted I think there are about 77 songs listed. That is a lot of dance moves. It is a wonder I still remember them all!


1.Moves Like Jagger - Pop - Maroon 5
2.Tonight I'm Lovin' You - Latin Pop -Enrique Iglesias
3.La Temperatura - Merengue - Zumba Fitness
4.Jamaican Cumbia - Bachaco
5.Latin Ritual - Latin Purcussion - ZF
6.San Francisco -  House -Global Deejays
7.What A Feeling -  House -Global Deejays
8.Everybody Dance Now - Hip Hop -Power Music Workout
9.Everybody Jump -Hip Hop -KMC
10. Oliver Twist - Pop - 2010 Karaoke Band

1. El Amor, El Amor -ZF
2. El Vacilon - ZF
3. Pegate - Grupo Treo
4. Trai La Bulla - (cumbia/mererengue)ZF
5. Sweet Girl - ZF
6. Crazy Love - Mara
7. Bounce ZF
8. Baile Privado - ZF
9. El Party - Proyecto Uno
10. Traigo Fuego -ZF
1. Jamaican Cumbia - ZF (in warm up list)
2. Trai La Bulla (cumbia/merengue) ZF
3. Hace Tiempo - Fonseca
4. Pa la Discoteka A Bailar -Techno/cumbia ZF
5. Pagaras - ZF
6. Pegate -Cumbia Latin Pop - Grupo Treo
7. Mirame (No Controles) - Los Super Reyes
8. Loco - ZF

1. Zumbalicious - Salsa/Reggaeton ZF
2. Cali Aji - ZF
3. Culebra ZF
4. Dancing Salsa -ZF
5. La Vida Es un Carnaval - Celia Cruz
6. Baila Mi Son - Ensamble
7. Rumba -Salsa/Reggaeton -ZF
8. Ana Pa Mi Tambor - La Excelencia

1. 5 Letras - ZF
2. En Sus Marcas, Listos, Fuera
3. Un Mes - Mara
4. Shake it Up - Mara
5. Sexy Movimiento - Electronic/Reggaeton ZF
6. Rumbatone -Rumba Flamenco/Reggaeton - Bandoleros
7. Limbo - Daddy Yankee 
8. Oye - Mara

POP/Hip Hop/House
1.Pump It - Black Eyed Peas
2.Pause - Pitbull
3.Dance, Dance, Dance ZF
4.Burlesque - Christina Aguilera
5.Stereo Love  -cover by ZF
6. Por Ti - Tropical Pop - Kema
7. Suave - Nayer ft. Pitbull
8. Hangover (BaBaBa) - Buraka Som Sistema
9. Rabiosa - Shakira
10.El Jefe - ZF
11. Sexy and I know it -LMFAO
12. Party Rock - LMFAO
13. Gangnam Style - KPOP - PSY
14. Dance Again - Jennifer Lopez
15. Fiesta Buena -DJ Mam's
16. OMG -Usher

 1.Hindu Cumen - Indian Fusion/Cha Cha Cha -ZF
 2.Indian Moonshine -Bhangra Folk Fusion -ZF
 3.BoroBoro -Bollywood -Arash

1.Rumbatone -Flamenco/Reggaeton (in reggaeton list)
2.Mambo -Rumba Flamenco - Bandoleros


 1.Yassou Ellada - Greek/Belly Dance/Batucada - Dj Andy Hughes and Aspacia 
 2.Zorba - Greek -cover by ZF 

1.Taki Country -Celtic/Bluegrass

1. Thank You - Sly and the Family Stone
-Latin America
1.La Nina Fresa -Quebradita cover by ZF
2.Magalena - Samba -Sergio Mendes 
3.Alegria Pa Zumbar -Samba -various ZF 
4.Taboo - Axe/urban -(Don Omar) cover by ZF
5.Zumba Time -Calypso -Watatah
6.Slide -Calypso/Salsa/African- ZF


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