Zumba® Music Playlist!

I have covered a lot of different songs in my playlist and some of my longer running students have favorites that they haven’t heard in a while. I am also getting requests on what the names of the songs are. I was thinking, “Wouldn’t it be fun to list all the songs I have done and create a class with a variety voted?” So here is the list I broke them down by category with the artist who sings it or is covered by ZF (Zumba Fitness).

In the comment box you can list the top 10 of your choice!

OMG-just counted I think there are about 77 songs listed. That is a lot of dance moves. It is a wonder I still remember them all!


1.Moves Like Jagger - Pop - Maroon 5
2.Tonight I'm Lovin' You - Latin Pop -Enrique Iglesias
3.La Temperatura - Merengue - Zumba Fitness
4.Jamaican Cumbia - Bachaco
5.Latin Ritual - Latin Purcussion - ZF
6.San Francisco -  House -Global Deejays
7.What A Feeling -  House -Global Deejays
8.Everybody Dance Now - Hip Hop -Power Music Workout
9.Everybody Jump -Hip Hop -KMC
10. Oliver Twist - Pop - 2010 Karaoke Band

1. El Amor, El Amor -ZF
2. El Vacilon - ZF
3. Pegate - Grupo Treo
4. Trai La Bulla - (cumbia/mererengue)ZF
5. Sweet Girl - ZF
6. Crazy Love - Mara
7. Bounce ZF
8. Baile Privado - ZF
9. El Party - Proyecto Uno
10. Traigo Fuego -ZF
1. Jamaican Cumbia - ZF (in warm up list)
2. Trai La Bulla (cumbia/merengue) ZF
3. Hace Tiempo - Fonseca
4. Pa la Discoteka A Bailar -Techno/cumbia ZF
5. Pagaras - ZF
6. Pegate -Cumbia Latin Pop - Grupo Treo
7. Mirame (No Controles) - Los Super Reyes
8. Loco - ZF

1. Zumbalicious - Salsa/Reggaeton ZF
2. Cali Aji - ZF
3. Culebra ZF
4. Dancing Salsa -ZF
5. La Vida Es un Carnaval - Celia Cruz
6. Baila Mi Son - Ensamble
7. Rumba -Salsa/Reggaeton -ZF
8. Ana Pa Mi Tambor - La Excelencia

1. 5 Letras - ZF
2. En Sus Marcas, Listos, Fuera
3. Un Mes - Mara
4. Shake it Up - Mara
5. Sexy Movimiento - Electronic/Reggaeton ZF
6. Rumbatone -Rumba Flamenco/Reggaeton - Bandoleros
7. Limbo - Daddy Yankee 
8. Oye - Mara

POP/Hip Hop/House
1.Pump It - Black Eyed Peas
2.Pause - Pitbull
3.Dance, Dance, Dance ZF
4.Burlesque - Christina Aguilera
5.Stereo Love  -cover by ZF
6. Por Ti - Tropical Pop - Kema
7. Suave - Nayer ft. Pitbull
8. Hangover (BaBaBa) - Buraka Som Sistema
9. Rabiosa - Shakira
10.El Jefe - ZF
11. Sexy and I know it -LMFAO
12. Party Rock - LMFAO
13. Gangnam Style - KPOP - PSY
14. Dance Again - Jennifer Lopez
15. Fiesta Buena -DJ Mam's
16. OMG -Usher

 1.Hindu Cumen - Indian Fusion/Cha Cha Cha -ZF
 2.Indian Moonshine -Bhangra Folk Fusion -ZF
 3.BoroBoro -Bollywood -Arash

1.Rumbatone -Flamenco/Reggaeton (in reggaeton list)
2.Mambo -Rumba Flamenco - Bandoleros


 1.Yassou Ellada - Greek/Belly Dance/Batucada - Dj Andy Hughes and Aspacia 
 2.Zorba - Greek -cover by ZF 

1.Taki Country -Celtic/Bluegrass

1. Thank You - Sly and the Family Stone
-Latin America
1.La Nina Fresa -Quebradita cover by ZF
2.Magalena - Samba -Sergio Mendes 
3.Alegria Pa Zumbar -Samba -various ZF 
4.Taboo - Axe/urban -(Don Omar) cover by ZF
5.Zumba Time -Calypso -Watatah
6.Slide -Calypso/Salsa/African- ZF


About jessa

Hi! My name is Jessa and I have been dancing since the age of 5. I grew up training classically but have done everything from hip-hop, jazz, character, flamenco, african, modern and of course ballet. I graduated with a BFA in dance performance and have now discovered the pure fun and delight in Zumba. What attracted me to Zumba is that anyone can do it and everyone is welcome. You'll break a sweat, burn calories and have fun doing it! Come join the party! Email me at jessa.freeman@gmail.com for more information! Sign up for classes at www.circuscenter.org Offering 4 classes for the price of 2 for new students! Privates also available...email for more information.
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6 Responses to Zumba® Music Playlist!

  1. calsurplus says:

    Well, for SURE: Cali Aji, Oliver Twist, (Thank-you F’letting…), Mirame, Hindu Cumen, Shake it Up, Ana Mi Tambor…and now it gets hard! See yoou later

  2. Manny says:

    Manny’s list:

    1. Moves Like Jagger
    2. Tonight I’m Loving You
    3. El Amor, El Amor
    4. Sexy Movimiento
    5. Limbo
    6. Stereo Love
    7. Sexy And I Know It
    8. Party Rock
    9. Fiesta Buena
    10. Hindu Cumen

    Thank you. For everything :)

  3. pantea says:

    2. Tonight I’m Loving You
    3. El Amor, El Amor
    4. Sexy Movimiento
    5. Limbo
    6. Stereo Love
    7. Sexy And I Know It
    8. Party Rock
    9. Fiesta Buena
    10. Hindu Cumen
    thank you

  4. Allison Williams says:

    What is the name of the song that goes-
    Jump jump fist bump now let me see you drop it low break dancing on the floor…

  5. liza says:

    Nicè playlist,would to get playlist zumba n I really enjoy zumba

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