Party in PINK, Beto & Fanny, Milan, Italy 2012

Inspiring! This little girl rocks! Beto brings the center of attention to her, while all the ladies in the back want to push forward. Something that I have always admired about Beto. Performing “Crazy Love” by Mara.

About jessa

Hi! My name is Jessa and I have been dancing since the age of 5. I grew up training classically but have done everything from hip-hop, jazz, character, flamenco, african, modern and of course ballet. I graduated with a BFA in dance performance and have now discovered the pure fun and delight in Zumba. What attracted me to Zumba is that anyone can do it and everyone is welcome. You'll break a sweat, burn calories and have fun doing it! Come join the party! Email me at for more information! Sign up for classes at Offering 4 classes for the price of 2 for new students! Privates also for more information.
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